Love is a tricky thing. You may love someone and not realize it. And you may not love someone and think that you do! Motorcycling, for most us, is our second love, if not the first! And I rarely come across a biker who doesn’t think he loves his bike. So, here are some signs that’ll help you be sure of whether you actually love your bike.

1. You Spend Time

If your idea of having fun is spending time with your motorcycle, you just may be in love. Even more so, if your ideal Sunday morning isn’t sleeping or lying on the couch watching TV, but going on a nice ride on your bike, or washing it!

2. You HAVE To Ride

One of the reasons you never skip on going anywhere, not even boring places, because you know you’ll get to ride there. Riding to office makes it really worth waking up every morning!

You may also suffer from PMS, Parked Motorcycle Syndrome. Signs of this are that you start getting irritated if you haven’t ridden for a couple of days.

3. You love the way she looks

If you get off your motorcycle, and look back at her, before you really walk away, you love that thing.

4. You Get Anxious

You’re riding one fine day, and suddenly notice something odd about your ride. And you really get worried. You just have to fix it or get it fixed ASAP, and get it back to as she was!

5. You Like To Show Off

You don’t want to give your darling a miss anywhere you go. And you want to let everybody know and show off that she’s yours! Revving her through a tunnel is another thing you do to show to others, and to feel her power yourself!

6. You Think Of Making Her Better

Every time you save up money, you think of getting her some accessories. You’ve already changed quite a few things about her and given her the best there is, in the market!

7. You Are Possessive

Is it even love, if it’s not possessive? You are insecure of parking your motorcycle where you can’t be sure of her well-being. You don’t like others touching her without your permission. And it feels like a dagger went through your heart every time you get a scratch on her.

8. You Can’t Imagine Your Life Without Her

Even if you have a backup vehicle, you just can’t imagine your life without your motorcycle. Without her parked in your garage, there’s a real big void in your heart.

9. Your Motorcycle Has A Name, Gender, Birthday

Most of us love our motorcycles like they are our darling ladies. “It” is a pronoun that doesn’t really describe your motorcycle. It has a gender. A name. And a birthday, that you celebrate every year!

10. You Have Memories

You and your motorcycle have a lot of special memories together. A lot of your beer stories start with, “So, I was riding the other day, and..”

Which of these do you have? What are some of the other sings of being in love with your motorcycle? Let us know in the comments section below.

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