Bajaj Motorcycles Planning To Manufacture Husqvarna Series

Husqvarna series coming to India anytime soon and Bajaj are the one’s bringing them.


There are two motorcycle manufacturers,  those who don’t know how to rest on their laurels and they certainly are Bajaj and KTM. The Joint venture between these two brands has already produced great products that are made in India for the world and they are now coming with something new for the Indian market.


In a press release, it’s been confirmed that Bajaj would start the manufacturing of Husqvarna 401 series motorcycles in India anytime soon. The company has confirmed to sell these motorcycles in the Indian market as well as export them to other markets as well. So lets hope this happens soon enough and we get to ride the Husqvarna series here in India.


Article by Piyush Gaur

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