Harley-Davidson Plans To Roll Out 50 New Motorcycle Models Within The Next 5 Years

Harley-Davidson is facing a particularly slow domestic market – a situation that is only offset by a 2.3% increase in international company sales. This is bad news, which has forced the Milwaukee based motorcycle manufacturer to come up with some ideas to boost sales and generate new interest in the company. What have they been able to brainstorm to combat their sales woes? A plan, to roll out 50 new motorcycle models, within the next 5 years – including an all electric motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson boss Matt Levatich, is relatively excited about the plan, saying,

“I’ve never been more excited about our product pipeline in my 22 years here at Harley-Davidson.” The company’s 2016 fourth quarter results dropped this week with the devastating news – though it was cushioned by the fact that Australia is one of the international markets performing well within the company, with sales up 5% (to 10,282) to make the company the top seller in road bikes.

Levatich says, with the plan to create 50 brand new motorcycle models, they will add 200 more overseas dealers by the year 2020, though he wouldn’t reveal any specifics about the 50 new models to come. He instead, points to the successes of their biggest projects over the past few years, which include the LiveWire (electric motorcycle) and the Rushmore (Touring range), as well as the Milwaukee Eight engine and their brand new suspension system.

Check out a promo video for Harley-Davidson’s all new Milwaukee Eight engine below, and tell us in the comments if you can’t wait to see the new motorcycles that Harley is about to unveil. Do you think the plan will be able to save the company’s sales?

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