Honda CBR650F Might Be Getting A Massive Price Cut


Honda CBR 650 F is one of the most practical middleweight motorcycle available in the market. Because of the huge pricing the customers were not going for this motorcycle as the company was selling the bike for Rs. 7.30 lakhs (ex-showroom). Now Honda official website has been updated with the revised prices and the bike now costs Rs. 6,57,620 ex-showroom (delhi).



Honda CBR 650F is a practical motorcycle becouse of the butter smooth engine displacing 649cc, liquid cooled, four cylinder engine. For 2017, the CBR650F’s engine has an extra 4 horsepower (3kW) up top, with a 90 HP (67kW) @ 11,000rpm peak power output. The increase ­– which is noticeable from 5,000rpm ­– is due to new intake and exhaust flow management: shorter air intake funnels feed four 32mm throttle bores from a down-flow airbox (which itself draws through larger intake ducts) and in turn the right side-swept 4-1 exhaust now employs a dual-pass internal structure (rather than triple-pass) in the muffler, reducing back pressure. It also features a larger final exit aperture.


With shorter gear ratios from second through to fifth, the new CBR650F gets away from the line faster than the previous model and from a 60km/h second gear roll-on will pull out 3 bike lengths over 1/4 mile (400m).

Honda offered a massive discount on the BS3 models of CBR650F becouse of the new emission standards that came into effect starting 1 April 2017.


CBR 650F has been updated with better shades, LED headlights and better engine. the new 2017 model is expected to make it to Indian Market and goes for sale beginning next month. Honda is even claiming that the new 2017 models gives 21km/L and ABS will be offered as standard.


Article By Vivek Suri


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