Indian Motorcycle Post GST Prices

Indian Motorcycles has also announced the updated prices for its product portfolio. With new prices in effect, the India Scout now costs INR 12.99 lakh, resulting in savings of INR 1.76 lakh. The Chief Classic, on the other hand, will now cost INR 21.99 lakh, resulting in a savings of INR 2.21 lakh.

Below is the list of pricing that has been reduced by Indian Motorcycles after GST:

INDIAN SCOUT 14.75 lakh 12.99 lakh 12%
INDIAN DARK HORSE 23.4 lakh 21.25 lakh 9%
INDIAN CHIEF CLASSIC 24.2 lakh 21.99 lakh 9%

Let’s hope to see more of these beautiful bikes on road after a decrease in pricing and see many people fulfilling their dreams by buying one of the Indian Motorcycles.

Under the new GST tax regime, automobiles come under the luxury goods, which attracts a tax rate of 28 percent. Bikes with engine capacity of more than 350cc are levied with additional cess. But the high-end bikes have benefitted from GST, as the tax rate has come down compared to the old taxation policy. So, Indian Motorcycle has decided to pass the benefit to the customers.


Article By Gurpreet Kaur Bawa

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