Kawasaki Z900 Launched In Pure Metallic Spark Black Colour In India

India Kawasaki Motor has launched the Z900 naked motorcycle in a brand new pure metallic spark black colour. The company will have less than 30 units for sale at present. It will gauge the customer response and then decide upon getting more units of the new colour.

India Kawasaki Motor has launched the Z900 naked motorcycle in a brand new colour of pure metallic spark black. Along with the new colour, Kawasaki will also be offering new graphics on the new colour. Be advised though, the number of Z900 units in the new colour will be extremely limited. In fact, the number of bikes will be limited to being less than 30 in number. Interested customers will have to book the bike first at any of the Kawasaki dealerships and only then will the company dispatch the same to the dealership.

Yutaka Yamashita, Managing Director of India Kawasaki Motors, said, “Our Z900 received a very positive response. I hope that with this new addition, passionate customers those who waited for this colour will be happy. Responding to the requirements of our customers is one of our most important priorities.” “We, being a premium brand, always strive to maintain a certain class in our products through its appearance and technology.” further states Yutaka Yamashita.

The Kawasaki Z900 comes to India as a completely built unit (CBU) and is manufactured at Kawasaki’s plant in Thailand. The technical specifications of the Kawasaki Z900 remain the same. Of course, India Kawasaki will continue to sell the existing colours as well. At present, the company will be gauging the response from customers for the new black colour and then decide on bringing in more units.

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