Stepson Destroys Stepfather’s Custom $40k Harley Davidson in Rage After Getting Xbox Shut Off

Teenagers acting out isn’t something new to any of us. We all have younger siblings, cousins, or children of that age. Heck, we’ve been there ourselves. And now that we’ve grown up, we realize how much of a trouble children in their teens can be!

Alec Young is one such out-of-control 19-year old. Young lives in St. George with his stepfather. One fine day, when Young’s stepfather came back home, he saw Young playing on his Xbox.

In a very “dad” manner, the stepfather told Young to switch off the Xbox by the time he was back by collecting his mail. On returning, he found Young to be still playing. So the stepfather turned the console off.

And, that set Young off. In Young’s defense, he had missed his doses of anti-anxiety and anti-depression meds. Young, in a fit of rage, threw two remotes at his stepfather.

The stepfather then moved outside the house to call the cops. But, Young wasn’t yet done. He took a knife and ran outside. He then got to his stepfather’s custom 2009 Harley-Davidson FLF, valued at $40,000.

He repeatedly punched the bike and hit it with a knife, till the knife broke. He then tumbled the bike. And this still wasn’t the end of it. He got into his Nissan Maxima car and rammed it straight into the bike.

Young then dragged the bike right into the garage ramming into the wall. The bike suffered quite a lot of damage. All damages combined, it totaled to about $25,000 worth damages for switching off a silly Xbox! After the incident, Young fled off to a friend’s place, where he was contacted by the police.

Young accepted to everything and said that he did everything on purpose. He felt that his lack of medication-assisted in how he acted.

Young’s been charged with Simple Assault, Leaving Scene of Accident, 2 Class-B Misdemeanors for Domestic Violence. He was taken to Purgatory Correctional Facility in Washington County.

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